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Oral Surgeons Louisville Ky

As the most experienced and most trusted oral surgeons in Louisville KY, we can honestly say that we do it all in our dental clinic. From wisdom tooth extraction to full dental implants, you can count on Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants for comprehensive cosmetic and surgical dentistry at the lowest possible cost in the region. Here, we are driven by service to our neighbors, not by profits.

Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants Cares

Since many of our patients are emergency surgery patients, Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants understands the need for affordable dentistry. For this reason, we work with patients from all walks of life and financial capacities. We go beyond what most dentists in Louisville will do to help low-budget patients get the oral surgery treatments they need. We often set up payment plans for our patients, help them obtain financing from local charities and non-profits, and we also work with most insurance providers.

Make Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants Your Primary Dentist in Louisville KY

Many dental patients are selecting Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants as their primary dentist. When people have gum infections, missing teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, dental bone loss, or other anomalies in the mouth, their dentists often refer them to us anyway, as Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants is home to the most trusted oral surgeons in Louisville KY. We also provide emergency dental services and operate on patients who suffer trauma to the face. Therefore, many people just select us from the beginning as their primary dentists. We are now accepting new patients.

You Can Trust Us for All of Your Dentistry Needs

Although we provide a full spectrum of dental services, our two most common procedures are still dental implants and wisdom tooth extraction. If you're missing teeth or are experiencing pain in the back of your mouth, pay us a visit. Dental implants or wisdom tooth extraction might be in the cards for you. Don't worry; we never sell dentistry that our patients don't need, and we never create a false sense of urgency to try to get our patients to pay for dental services.

What is a Dental Implant?

One of the primary functions of an oral surgeon is performing dental implant surgeries. A dental implant is a replacement for a missing tooth root that supports a crown or a bridge. Dental implants can also be used to support a denture - either dentures that can be snapped in or screwed in permanently.

The benefits of dental implants extend beyond the cosmetic effect of tooth replacement. Dental implants help to replace bone, so patients don't get a sunken-in look that develops over time with not having a bone replacement.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The wisdom teeth are located at the back of the mouth behind the molar teeth, and they develop after all of the other teeth. Wisdom teeth don't usually cause problems for people, but when they do, the pain can be excruciating. If there's not enough space for wisdom teeth the come through, they may become impacted and squeeze against the other teeth. Wisdom tooth removal should be performed by an oral surgeon if possible.

To choose from the most qualified, experienced, and affordable oral surgeons in Louisville KY, contact or visit Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants today. 

Oral Surgeons Louisville Ky
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Oral Surgeons Louisville Ky
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